Bugs and Buttons Collection

Designed to be premium early learning education apps, these apps are as educationally rewarding as they are entertaining.

Bugs and Buttons

iOS • Google • Amazon

Bugs and Buttons 2

iOS • Google • Amazon

Bugs and Numbers

iOS • Google • Amazon

Bugs and Bubbles

iOS • Google • Amazon

Bug Art

iOS • Google • Amazon

Bug Mazing

iOS • Google • Amazon

Atomic Collection

The atomic app series are designed for adults and older kids looking for a new take on traditional games. Designed to be edgy and entertaining, these apps bring a new twist to old classics.

Atomic Puzzles


Atomic Hangman

iOS • Google

Atomic Hangman Jr

iOS • Google • Amazon

Safety Collection

Our safety apps create new ways to experience and learn about today's common problems. Designed to be used with our own children, these apps approach some of the missing aspects in todays educational programs. We hope these apps help fill the gap for your family as well.

Ready Set Dial! FREE!

iOS • Amazon

Dialsafe Pro