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Our other great apps...

Bug and Buttons

An award-winning uniquely styled collection of 18 games and activities that are both entertaining and educational.  Learn More!

Bugs and Buttons 2

The follow-up to the award winning Bugs and Buttons!

Offers a massive variety of gameplay to take children on an incredible journey through 18 games and activities designed to both entertain and educate.  Learn More!

Bugs and Bubbles

Everyone loves bubbles! Packed with over 18 games with unique graphical styling, beautiful music, and advanced interactivity that are designed to engage, entertain, and educate.  Learn More!

Bugs and Numbers

Help make math fun! Encourage your child's excitement for one of life's most critical skill sets. This collection of 18 games covers basic counting to currency (and so much more).  Learn More!

DialSafe Pro

Teach your child proper phone usage and safety with an app that
lets them actually practice it.  Learn More!