We are Little Bit Studio again!

This is our story:   We are the original founders and developer of Little Bit Studio and its award winning collection of Bugs and Buttons apps. In 2014, we were acquired by Cupcake Digital. Fast forward to today -- we have reacquired the studio, with the help of Cupcake Digital, to bring these wonderful apps back to market.

We have officially renamed our interim studio, Snap Two Studio, to continue and rebuild the Little Bit Studio brand and products. With sincere and profound gratitude, we'd like to thank each and everyone of you. Every email, social media post, phone call, app rating -- we hear you -- and we're always interested to learn what we can from you.

Updates are available! If you haven't checked lately, we've already released updates for most of the Bugs and Buttons collection. This includes Bugs and Buttons, Bugs and Buttons 2, Bugs and Numbers, Bugs and Numbers, Bug Art, and Bug Mazing. If you haven't checked out the latest phone safety app, Ready Set Dial! is free.

We really appreciate all the support, kind words, and wonderful stories. Please take a moment and join us on Facebook -- share your feedback or story.

Kind regards,

Bugs and Buttons




We're a small independent software studio that makes fun apps. Based near the Blue Ridge Mountains, we're a husband and wife team who like creating both entertaining and educational apps for adults and kids. If you like our apps, please take the time to support us by buying one and/or leaving a positive comment on the app store.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out!